The American College of Maxillofacial Implantology is an association which allows dental surgeons and dental specialists access to a forum environment for advancing the field of implant dentistry.

If you are interested in the latest and most advanced knowledge in implant placement, you should become a valued member of American College of Maxillofacial Implantology.  As a member of our association you will become part of the fastest growing implant association in the country dedicated to providing implant awareness to patients, dentists and specialists. Our association not only offers continuing education courses to those interested in expanding their practice, but we also offer the most up to date advancements in dental implants. Our goal is to promote basic standards of care in implant dentistry.

 We know that you want to present your patients with the highest standard of care. One of our goals is to give you access to the latest studies in the advancement of implant dentistry. We also offer a blog where all of our members have the ability collaborate together with fellow members regarding basic to advanced implant and surgical treatments. You will be able to join discussions to see what other implant surgeons are doing all over the world.

 Today’s implants last longer and are easier to place and restore than implants from 25 years ago. In fact, in many cases, implants are now recognized as the standard of care. As you know, dental implants have withstood an extremely high success rate at 95% or higher over 10 years. The American College of Maxillofacial Implantology is a surgical based association with the focus on the importance of education and proper training for specialists and dentists. Our goal is to provide a greater understanding of all types of head and neck implant therapies including placement of zygomatic implants.

 Our Annual membership fee is only $75 and offers our members the most up to date research articles, forms, and clinical information to ensure your office has access to the most cutting edge techniques and articles in implant dentistry. Our members also receive monthly emails with the latest articles in implant dentistry.


We have a continuous discussion group doctors can obtain feedback and gain education without the need to attend continuing education courses.  Cases are posted frequently on our closed study group on Facebook.


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