Jul 22, 2016 SEEKING THE STAGE- What Does It Take to Give a Great Presentation?

June 30, 2016
Location: San Diego, United States
Speaker: Sreenivas Koka
Course topic: Communication


Course overview

About the course
You have knowledge and wisdom to share and a desire to diversify your career—yet you don’t have the confidence to take the stage and make presentations. You know you could be an outstanding presenter and you want to develop and hone your skills—plus gain valuable insight in what it takes to give a memorable presentation.

You ask yourself questions like…
– How should I write the title? 
– What is the best way to choose the right content? 
– What colors and fonts (design) should I use on my slides? 
– When should I use video in my presentations? 
– How will I connect with the audience? 
– What are non-verbal opportunities and pitfalls? 
– How much should I charge to give a presentation? 
– How can I get noticed to get a national or international invitation?

This workshop will address all of the key issues in making effective presentations and matching your content and style to the situation at hand.

The workshop is a limited-attendance course (maximum of 10 participants) to ensure individualized attention and an atmosphere of focused learning. If you have a secret goal to be on stage, or already have some exposure and know you need to improve, this is the workshop for you! 

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