Frequently Asked Questions

What does your ACMI membership mean?

Being a member of ACMI signifies your dedication to continuing your education in the field of implantology.  ACMI members become part of a group of thousands of other general dentists and specialists who share the same passion for the continuing education and advancement of dental implants.

Q. What are the requirements to become an ACMI member?
A. Our membership is simple. You need to be a practicing dentist or a dental student soon to be one.

Q. How much are the annual dues?
A. Regardless if you are a doctor or a student our annual membership dues are only $75.00.  Hygienists membership dues are $50.

Q. Why is our annual membership only $75.00?
A. We feel that doctors and students have many obligations to other associations i.e. national, state and local that require other annual dues.  We want to make our fees affordable so that everyone can have access to this invaluable information

Q. How is ACMI different from other associations?
A. Our goal is to provide standards of care for implant dentistry all over the world.  We feel that it is important for all professionals in the field of dentistry to have up to date research on the latest procedures and technology in implant dentistry.