ACMI Goals

ACMI provides information to our members on the latest research and advancements of dental implants. We also provide adequate information to current and future patients interested in knowing more about the facts of implantology.

We also provide recommendations to manufactures that have shown to have held the highest standards to ensuring the success of dental implants. We highlight our members who have shown they share the same compassion and professionalism to their patients as well as to other clinicians.

Our Benefits

By being a member of ACMI you will have access to the latest information in dental implant research and recommendations from the top surgeons and implant companies. You will have education needed for both placing and restoring dental implants in your own office.

Our Objectives

ACMI’s basic objective is to educate the public as well as the clinicians who either place or restore dental implants. Since dental implants have become the most successful procedures in medicine and dentistry, with a success rate greater than 85% it is important that people are educated on what the standard of care is for teeth replacement.

What You Will Get

  • Detailed information for patient education
  • View event listings you can attend across the United States
  • Join in on forums with implant surgeons from across the country and world
  • Educate yourself by becoming a member of one of the fastest growing implant associations in the country

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